From the Sixties & Reunions

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liThe early days with the band the Ebb-tides
Here we are as the Flower Pot the actual first band to play                       outside in the Boston Commons in 1967.  
                 (Sorry about the poor quality due to age)  
Here we are playing one of  the many military
       armorys this one in the state of Maine.
               tAt one of the many 
             High School Gyms
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The Zoo jaming at one the nite spots in                Newport, R.I.     .This photo taken at                         Lucifer's on Long Wharf.
Photos recently found taken in August 1967
Check out the amps VOX Super Beatle
With local DJ before Reunion
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At one of the many High School Gyms
Tifany Shade
          Saturday  Sept.  6,  2003
        171  Sodom Road
                Westport,  MA