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Band History
The year was 1966,  the town was Swansea, Mass. located 50 miles south of Boston.  Three Zoo members Benny, Donald and Tony along with two brothers from nearby Warren, R.I. came together to form the band called The EBB TIDES.  All members had come from other local garage bands (Batmen, Rogues & Rockin Teens).  The newly formed band soon began to play anywhere they could to get exposure.  Such places included Clubs, Outdoor drive-ins, and even on the deck of a Battleship.  Soon the band was getting better and a faithful following was supporting the group.  Most of the songs on the set list were cover songs except for one song written by the lead singer called "My Baby's Gone"  which was recorded on a 45rpm at a local label called Arco Records.  This song was reissued on a compilation cd called Sixties Rebellion vol.4.  Soon after the band parted ways with the two brothers and brought in two new members Ron who had his own band called the Knight Rockers, brought his hammond organ and Wayne brought his guitar and fuzz pedal.  The band changed it's name to the Flower Pot.
The newly formed band was soon ready to hit the club scene under new management and a whole fuller sound featuring a Hammond B3 organ and added rhythm guitar.  The band soon picked up the following it had with the Ebb Tides and much more.  Added was a great stage show and light show which fit right into the psychedelic movement of the times.  The hippy movement was starting to spread into the music from the streets and the times.  Up in Boston  there was a large college movement that began influencing the music.  
Management rented a large generator and decided that the band would play
outside on the Boston Commons.  Actually the band was the first band to so, despite the police coming and pulling the plug after playing for two hours ( see picture on next page).  The next move by the band was to head to New York City to audition for record labels that had shown an interest in the band.  First came Mercury records and RCA, both labels wanted to sign the band to a 45rpm then follow with a album if the single sold.  Then came Mainstream who offered an album and a single to be released simultaneously?

The band took the latter partly due the fact that at the time it was a great ego boost to five young musicians and Mainstream had just signed Big Brother and the Holding Company ( Janis Joplin )  and the Amboy Dukes ( Ted Nugent ).  The deal was signed and soon it was off to record the album in late 1967.  Ten songs were recorded with the song "One More Heartache"  as the first single.   The band was confronted with another major decision which was suggested by the record company that the bands name had to be changed again due to the nature of the POT in Flower Pot.    
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February 1968 the long awaited LP and single is released.  Seven of the nine songs are original songs written by the band.  Six of these are psychedelic arrangements.  The single is a remake of the Marvin Gaye tune "One More Heartache,"  The longest cut is  a reworked version of Gloria over six minutes.  Ironically, the song that was recorded and left off the album was a song written by Harry Nilsson called  "One" which in three months later sprung the group Three Dog Night.The song, the Flight is the most played song by radio and fans of garage  psych music even today. 
This album today has become a favorite of record collectors as evident by the prices that people are paying on E-bay and other auction sites (anywhere from $50 to $250). 
The band now prepares to tour to promote the album and single.  First up is the college campuses with two and sometimes three shows per day.  This was possible due to the close proximity of colleges in the northeast.  Next, it is the psychedelic nite spots that have sprung up in all of the cities and towns.  Some of the more notable clubs were the Psychedelic Supermarket with the Cream and the Boston Tea Party with fellow Mainsteam artists the Amboy Dukes ( Ted Nugent ).  Then it's team up with the Vanilla Fudge and play the Surf clubs and  large halls such as military armory's. 
While this is going on the group is getting tied into the much publicized Boston Sound being promoted by the record company MGM who has signed Boston based groups, The Beacon Street Union, Ultimate Spinach & Orpheus..
During this five month period the group asks how record sales are going and the record company never really says anything but just keep on playing!  Now it's back to home base of Newport, R.I. to play the night spots there that were packed with Naval personnel and tourists.  While there, more new songs are being written to record for the second album due to be recorded in the late fall of 1968 in NYC.   
The band becomes a four piece band with the departure of Tony.   The second album is released with nine songs.  Eight tunes are originial and one is a remake of the Moody Blues "Another Morning."   This album is titled "Outside Looking In" with the single "Like People" as the 45.  This album doesn't have the same appeal as the first and the band ends in 1970. In Conclusion:  Not a bad run for Three 19  & Two 21 year olds.
Cl Bob Benevides --Lead Guitari

    Wayne Gagnon -- Guitar, Fuzz Pedalck

   Ron Medeiros -- Organ, Harmonica

    Donald Smith --  Drums

    Tony Taveira -- Bass Guitar    here to add your text.
The band got together again for Reunions for fund raisers lfor local charities first in 1988 again in 1990 and the last being in 1993.  These were played before packed houses.  These reunions iwere fun for the group due to no real pressure and aging makes one appreciate what once was.  There are no current plans for another Reunion.  Since these reunions the two albums have been digital remastered LP's and a Cd  is now available(see Music page of this site).    
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The Flower Pot
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Bob "Benny" Benevides
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